Quitting Social Media, beginning with Facebook

Towards the end of 2014, I quit Facebook. For me, this was no big feat as I had spent a significant amount of time learning about how the company utilises & profiteers from their user’s personal information and experienced how socially isolating rigorously maintaining a social media profile can be. In fact, I had been pondering the negatives of social media for some time and the defining moment came to me when Facebook administrators deactivated my profile, demanding that I send them a scanned copy of my personal Government issued identification in order for me to access my own profile that I had spent the last 10+ years building and maintaining! Although a quick Google search will tell you that this is common practice for Facebook, without question, no corporation should hold your personal photographs, posts, correspondence and associated ‘friends list’ to ransom like this. Not only does submitting your identification to an unknown recipient over the internet contravene every common sense safety practice any rational adult would uphold, but how can you trust what a non-Government internet corporation will do with it now and however long into the future? The answer was simple for me. Let them have what they have, and I will carry on happily about my life without a Facebook profile. Months later, I am enjoying a renewed, real life connection with my friends and without the effortless, over-stimulation of constant Facebook feed updates and suggestion marketing me to like this or to like that. In fact, removing Facebook from the way that I interact with my immediate community & associations has awakened dormant choice & expression that I believe social media feeds such as Facebook serve to dominate and stifle.

A simple evaluation of pros versus cons for deleting Facebook, beginning with PROS:

– My friends call me & I call them more often, and when we talk we have a lot more to discuss. Through basic human discourse, there is so much more joy in experiencing conversation when you can hear and experience your friends responses in real time. Social media contact will never be able to mimic true human expression and interaction and is really a poor substitute.

– I  am enjoying day to day conversation with work colleagues and people in my community that I wouldn’t otherwise engage with more. Its amazingly simple the difference what not having your face glued to your mobile phone screen will do when you congregate with others in a public place, even if all you can manage at the time is some simple eye contact or a smile.

– For the first time since having a Facebook profile I am seeking information and marketing that I choose to interact with, rather than having a desensitizing & creativity stilfling abundance of information with limited effort on my part.

– Increased internet privacy! Being that this was the final catalyst for me deleting Facebook, I cannot stress the value of regaining this basic human freedom enough!


Nil – that I am aware of.


What’s important to me

Looking for a place to start my blog, many features of personal resonance come to mind. I am hoping that once I begin to write, a theme will develop yet until then here is a list of issues that are both important to me & throughout my life have come to define the person I have become.

I love to WRITE. Never underestimate the power of the written word.

I love ANIMALS. I respect all sentient beings.

I am VEGAN. First choosing this lifestyle before the age of ten and without external influence & adapting with little effort, I am on a journey of exploring  veganism and how its universal principles have both crystallised and adapting with newfound internet popularity.

I am a proud AUSTRALIAN. Having a EUROPEAN heritage and being born in Australia, I have experienced Australian cultural diversity both at its best and its worst. I am greatly dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in our Country and I will dedicate my life to preserving & protecting the values my family have raised me to respect.

I would die in a world where I could not enjoy MUSIC. I am proud to boast an eclectic taste in music. Having been raised to love the best music that the 1960’s had to offer, playing music as a child, and as an adult having been blessed to witness the live performances from some of the best artists in the world. My favourite genres are not limited to but include metal, electronica, alternate. My favourite artists include M.I.A (Maya Arul Pragasam), The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails,  Bloc Party, Rob Zombie, Rise Against, The Cure, Def Fx, Something For Kate, The Crystal Method, Art vs. Science, Jack White, Metallica & many more!

I am PISSED OFF and I am PROUD. I do not seek the approval of others and the more I feel silenced the more inspiration I have to speak my mind. I respect that others have different values to my own and I believe that true respect is demonstrated by the ability to listen & taking the time understand opposing view.